Robin Hungerford, Natural Dental Cleaning Provider

Natural Dental Care Technician

Robin Hungerford, Natural Dental Cleaning Provider, has always had a profound love of pets.  Starting at the age of 9, Robin became active in 4-H, where she worked her way up to president and leader.  Robin later began working in a veterinary clinic as receptionist, and continued to follow her passion by becoming a veterinary assistant with a special interest in dentistry.


In 2007, after 5 years of service as a veterinary assistant, Robin turned her love and devotion to natural pet care into her own business, offering sedation-free natural dental cleaning and hygiene maintenance plans for dogs and cats.  During the early years of the business Robin also did pet-sitting, animal hospice care and grooming, but these soon gave way to her passion for dentistry.


Robin moved her business, Prancing Pet Services, from Southern California to Washington State in 2010 where she continues to focus on sedation-free natural dental care.  Since then, Robin has continued to work in California periodically but is excited to care for pets closer to her home in Northwest Washington. 


Robin believes in providing pets as much natural and holistic care as possible, and in 2013 partnered with Dr. Mueller and Mueller Animal Chiropractic which was a natural fit.  Combining her expertise in natural dentistry with Dr. Mueller’s chiropractic care provides a great way to help pets have excellent dental health and go home well-adjusted. 


Robin enjoys sharing her education and experience with clients so they can help their pets live the longest, healthiest lives possible.  She is a firm believer that pets are family too and treats them with as much high-quality, tender, loving care as possible at all times!


Robin’s other passions include helping animal rescue groups and visiting clients’ pets when travelling.  She is particularly passionate about Greyhounds, and works regularly with rescue groups in California to keep their dogs’ teeth healthy and help them live long, happy lives.