Dr. Karen Mueller

Dr. Karen Mueller is a life-long animal enthusiast and has trained or shown horses and dogs for over 37 years.  After receiving degrees in Biology and Education from Western Washington University, she graduated in 1990 from the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  In 1995 she received her Certification in Animal Chiropractic from the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association and Options For Animals in Port Byron, Illinois. Dr. Mueller and Dr. Mike Salewski were the first DVMs certified in the state of Washington.


Dr. Mueller has practiced general veterinary medicine, emergency medicine, shelter medicine, feline medicine, and spay and neuter practice, as well as animal chiropractic.  She sees horses at farm calls throughout Western Washington and small animal chiropractic patients at Animal Eye Care in Bellingham.  Dr. Mueller lives with her husband Karl, and their 2 children, 2 dogs, a cockatiel, and 4 chickens.  In her spare time she rides horses with friends, volunteers her services internationally as a veterinary surgeon, reads books, and sews for Days for Girls, a non-profit that provides feminine hygiene kits to women and girls around the world. 


Karen and Synchopation "Patia" Karen and Mark the Shark Karen Jumping Karen with Rain

As a teenager Dr. Mueller was an active Pony Club and 4-H member and 3-Day Event rider.  She competed through preliminary level before leaving the horse competition world to attend college.  She concurrently trained dogs in 4-H, first the neighbor’s Samoyed and later her own Dalmatians.  She showed dogs in breed classes and obedience, eventually preferring the performance aspects of obedience.  Her dogs competed regionally and at national specialties, winning classes and surprising judges at how obedient Dalmatians could really be. 


After establishing her career and starting her family, Dr. Mueller purchased a yearling Oldenburg gelding namedPikante.  She trained him for combined training and competed him in dressage, earning regional and national HOY (Horse of the Year) awards through Equestrian’s Institute and the N.A. Oldenburg Association.  Sadly, the demands of parenting and career made serious riding too difficult and she sold him to a perfect new “mom” who adores him and shows him to his potential.


Dr. Mueller's passion in the veterinary world has long been addressing the most lethal disease of companion animals in America—euthanasia due to overpopulation.  In 2008 she co-founded WeSNiP, the Whatcom Education, Spay & Neuter Impact Program.  Over the next 5 years she spayed and neutered over 11,000 dogs and cats, and saw the intake and euthanasia numbers at the local shelter decline as never before!  Although WeSNiP had to close their own clinic due to funding, Karen continues to serve the shelter community and affect overpopulation by working part-time as a spay/neuter surgeon at the NOAH shelter in Stanwood, WA and the Spay to Save mobile clinic in Sequim, WA.


Dr. Mueller's primary veterinary focus is now providing chiropractic to horses and companion animals.  Through chiropractic treatment, she provides relief from discomfort and pain.  Her goals are to allow horses to do their work as comfortably and competetively as possible, and to help their owners enjoy more satisfying interactions and relationships with them as their horses become happier and more willing in their work.  As both horse and rider become happier, the relationship between them can bloom and the joy that both horse and rider bring to each other can be revitalized.  Similarly, dogs and cats experience relief from pain that helps them live happier and often longer lives, bringing joy and relief to their caretakers.