Natural Dental Cleaning 

Before Natural Dental Cleaning

Preventative dental care is crucial to maintaining your pet’s health and longevity. Tartar and plaque on your pet’s teeth can cause infection, gingivitis, and possibly internal organ damage over time—particularly heart and kidney disease.


Robin Hungerford, an experienced veterinary assistant, gently uses an ultrasonic scaler to remove any tartar build-up on your pet’s teeth. She follows each cleaning with thorough polishing and rinsing to buff out micro-etches and leave the teeth surfaces clean and smooth. An optional fluoride treatment is sometimes done after the cleaning. Her kind and gentle approach, skill, and patience allow her to work with your pet to provide dental cleaning without any sedation. Most pets tolerate the process well, and the cleaning is usually finished in15-25 minutes.


Cleaning your pet’s teeth in a natural non-invasive manner allows you to avoid the risks of anesthesia. An elderly or frail pet, or pet with health conditions, can safely have his/her teeth cleaned regularly without the worry and risks of a reaction to anesthetic drugs.


Expenses that are necessary for safe anesthesia, such as pre-anesthetic blood evaluations and IV catheters and fluids are avoided with Natural Dental Cleaning. Certainly routine bloodwork should be done if indicated for your pet’s health and well-being, but it is not necessary in order for your pet to have his teeth cleaned without anesthesia.


If your pet has an existing heart murmur, or Dr. Mueller finds a murmur during her examination, your pet will need antibiotics. Dr. Mueller can administer antibiotics by injection and prescribe oral antibiotics for a few days after your appointment. Antibiotics are also needed if your pet has periodontal disease.


Why have chiropractic treatment for my pet following his dental cleaning?

Most pets develop subluxations (malpositions) of their neck and spine over time. Older pets, pets that pull on the leash, and athletic pets are especially prone. Providing chiropractic care is an excellent way to improve your pet’s health in general, but it’s especially good after working with his head and neck as with Natural Dental Cleaning (even more so with anesthetic dental cleaning!) Dr. Mueller can provide a safe, gentle chiropractic treatment for your pet after his dental cleaning, so he goes home with clean teeth, fresh breath, and feeling great from nose to tail!


Natural Dental Cleaning Services with Dr. Mueller

Medical record documentation
Brief physical examination
Oral and dental examination
Prophylactic ultrasonic dental scaling
Dental polishing
Evaluation for periodontal disease

Recommendations for oral health management
Referral for further care if indicated


Additional Services
Antibiotic injection
Oral antibiotics

Fluoride treatment
Head and neck chiropractic adjustment
Full body chiropractic adjustment
Nail trim



If you would like your animal to have Natural Dentistry please contact Robin Hungerford at 805-890-1406 or email

  • Robin may provide services elsewhere with different supervising veterinarians; Dr. Mueller provides supervision only when on the premises.
  • If someone wants to perform non-anesthetic dental cleaning on your animal without a veterinarian present, beware that this is not legal in Washington state.