Animal Chiropractic Patients and Testimonials: Cats

Cat Chiropractic


Tiny came in for chiropractic because of increased wobbliness in his hind legs, no longer stretching his hind legs like he always used to, and he seemed sensitive on the left side of his hindquarters.


After one treatment he was better--he was more comfortable and was partially stretching his hind legs again. After 2 treatments he is now climbing a 6 foot fence which he has never done before! He has also returned to counter-surfing for treats and is fully stretching his hind legs and rear again. His gait is steady now and his owner is very happy.


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Junior was hit by a car as a kitten and had a badly broken leg.  He had 3 surgeries attempting to save the leg.  Although the leg was saved, it healed in a straight position and he had to swing it in order to ambulate.  As a result his entire skeletal system compensated for his disability. 


I brought him to Dr. Mueller for chiropractic care on a regular basis throughout his life, and he remained vibrant and active until he died at the age of 15 from cardiomyopathy.  I feel his regular adjustments helped him be more comfortable and active and enjoy a better quality of life. 


I heartily recommend chiropractic for any animal, but especially for those who are musculo-skeletally compromised in any way.

mueller animal chiropractic for dogs



Still going strong at the age of 19, her regular veterinarian calls my cat Emmie “Robokitty”.  I attribute her exceedingly good health in her advanced age to a lifetime of excellent nutrition, preventative veterinary care, and regular chiropractic treatments. 

Cat Chiropractic


She has such a happy tail after her adjustments!  Her quality of life seems better.  She was quick to purr when petted and showed us she was happy by scratching at her post as soon as she was done.  She seems to have increased range of motion and agility.  Her treatment is well worth the cost.