What is Veterinary Chiropractic?


Veterinary Chiropractic, also refered to as Animal Chiropractic, is a combination of healing arts and science.The goal of chiropractic is to activate the body to heal itself with a nudge in the right direction. Chiropractic care is provided to maintain the neuromuscoskeletal system while avoiding surgery or drugs whenever possible. It focuses on the biomechanical dysfunction of the spine and its effect on the entire nervous system throughout the body.


Chiropractic science is built on the understanding of:


  • Animal anatomy, particularly bones and the joints between them
  • Nerves
  • Connection between muscles
  • Joints and diseases that affect muscles, joints and bones

    The healing art of chiropractic is:


  • Holistic in nature (typically avoiding drugs when possible)
  • Part of a larger collection of holisitic treatments
  • Restoring proper motion of the intervertebral joint

    The IVCA describes Veterinary Chiropractic as "additional means of diagnosis and treatment options for spinal problems as well as biomechanical related musculoskeletal disorders. Veterinary Chiropractic can often eliminate the source of acute or chronic pain syndromes."


    In Washington State it is illegal to charge for chiropractic services on any animal by someone other than a veterinarian, or a chiropractor who is under the direct supervision of a veterinarian.