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Mueller Animal Chiropractic

Small animal patients are treated in Bellingham. Directions will be emailed when appointment is scheduled.

House-Call clinics can be scheduled for 6 or more dogs and cats.


Chiropractic Patients

Telephone: 360-738-3763 (please leave a message)
via email please put animal chiro/dental care in the subject line.


Natural Dental Patients

Robin Hungerford, Prancing Pet Services

  • If you would like your animal to have Natural Dentistry please contact Robin at 805-890-1406 or email
  • Robin may provide services elsewhere with different supervising veterinarians; Dr. Mueller provides supervision only when on the premises.
  • If someone wants to perform non-anethetic dental cleaning on your animal without a veterinarian present, beware that this is not legal in Washington state.