Animal Chiropractic Patients and Testimonials: Dogs

 animal chiropractic success with dogsSydney, Ione Haugland

Sydney was in a roll-over car accident and started showing serious symptoms 2 years later.  She developed calcification of her spine and had difficulty walking, pain at the base of her tail, and marked weight loss. 


Her injuries are degenerative but chiropractic care has helped her symptoms slow down.  I didn’t expect her to survive one year but it’s now been 4 years!  She may not be totally healthy, but she’s happy.


I would most definitely recommend chiropractic care to other pet owners.


Wobblers and Animal Chiropractic

Izik, Susan Newbold (Doberman)

Izik has numerous symptoms related to his Wobbler’s Disease (Cervical Vertebral Malformation). He is currently experiencing neck and back pain, loss of mobility and range of motion, weakness in his left side, and overall lack of energy and diminished personality. His response to Dr. Mueller’s chiropractic care was excellent.  He was more animated, more playful, more able to lift his head with a better range of motion, is less painful, and is now able to run short distances and go for longer walks. Despite Wobbler’s being a disabling degenerative disease I feel that the chiropractic visits have restored Izik to such a degree that he can continue to enjoy his quality of life without having to be overly medicated or entirely restricted in his daily existence.  This makes both of us very happy!

Briagha-IVD and Animal Chiropractic

Briagha, Sandie Starr (Golden Retriever)

Briagha has intervertebral disc disease (IVD) and possibly cauda equine syndrome (compression of the tail-end of the spinal cord).  When she walks she scrapes the tops of her hind paws and toenails, causing them to bleed.


She sees Dr. Mueller monthly for maintenance chiropractic visits, and has been able to continue her walks despite having weak muscles.  (She has also been on prednisone for 9 years for her other physical problems, eye problem, and allergies.) 


The few times we have missed our regular appointment with Dr. Mueller I have noticed deterioration in Briagha’s ability to walk.  We, as a family, are happy that our friend has lived as long as she has, because she is a very spoiled indoor-only dog!


mueller animal chiropractic for dogs
Hazel, Christine M.


Chiropractic has completely changed the quality of her life for the BEST!  We have been able to avoid surgery and she is a very happy dog!

mueller animal chiropractic for dogs


Una is a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog.  She is active in the show ring, especially in obedience and drafting.  


Una stays well-adjusted and strong with monthly visits for chiropractic treatment.  Here she is about 10 years old.


She teaches the "new kids" how to pull a cart properly!

mueller animal chiropractic for dogs



Haven is a 12 year old Husky mix. He has slowed down somewhat but is still pretty active.


Chiropractic helps him stay more mobile and comfortable.

mueller chiropractic for animals

Bonnie is an older Beagle. She has had intermittent back pain for years, and responds very well to chiropractic care.


Her owner says that sometimes she has to be carried into her office visit, and after her adjustment, can walk out on her own.

Hyperadrenocorticism and Animal Chiropractic

Oliver, our Lhasa Apso, had Cushings disease (Hyperadrenocorticism) which eventually caused Oli to lose his muscle mass. Consequently, he couldn't hold his back/spine up correctly. In addition, he occasionally experienced spinal pain due to his long back.  After the adjustments Dr. Mueller gave him he had instant relief.  We came to depend on these visits to make Oli a much happier and healthy boy.

hip dysplasia animal chiropractic
Shadow, Bob Staton (Rottweiler)

Shadow has hip dysplasia and difficulty getting up, walking, and climbing steps.  When we got home after his chiropractic treatment all his symptoms were better.  I like to see him like he was before his problems, and playing and going for walks again. 

Animal Chiropractic
Sue, Joanna Schmidt (Black Lab Mix)

Being a massage therapist I could tell that Sue had tight muscles in her shoulders, hips, and the base of her tail.  She was tender when I touched or massaged her.  She also often seemed worried. Sue loved her visits to see Dr. Mueller.  The results were amazing--her “Lab-bottom-wiggle-dance” seems to have twice as much wiggle and wag, and her shoulders are no longer tight at all! I definitely recommend Dr. Mueller to my friends and fellow pet-owners.

Crooked spine-animal chiropractic
Omar, Alice Shilhanek

I think Omar seems to have “straightened” out a bit!  His walking seems to have improved over yesterday; he still has a catch in his right leg, but the femur doesn’t seem to rotate as much. I will plan to see you next week.  Nice to meet you and thanks for your help.

nerve impingement and animal chiropractic
Riley, David Namba (Rottweiler mix)

Riley suffered from nerve impingement in his neck.  His symptoms included pain and difficulty sitting down, involuntary leg spasms, holding his head down, and guarding his movements when jumping in and out of the car. After seeing Dr. Mueller, the results were amazing—he returned to full mobility with no problems jumping and was able to play more. Before chiropractic treatment Riley was in pain and did not want to play with me or my other dog.  He became irritable and was showing aggression when touched.  Chiropractic treatment relieved his pain and restored his friendly personality.  It also relieved my stress over seeing my dog in pain.