Ashley performing in the show ring

Bhalu relaxing after a good walk.


Benny ready to fetch his stick in the lake. He needs (and gets) chiropractic after his swimming sessions.

Jessie show jumping

Ani relaxing after her adjustment.

Becky Holder at Rolex 2012

Sue sending Dr. Karen a thank-you valentine. She loves Dr. Karen.

Junior doing great at 14 years despite having a stiff leg after 3 surgeries.


Oli: Doing better after chiropractic on his long back. Lhasas are predisposed to back injury partly due to their long shape.

Guinness the goofy gelding

Dr. Mueller and Bobby at Whidbey Island

Charlie: Teaching is his specialty. He stays comfortable with regular chiropractic care.

Pikante competing in Dressage

Misty "smiling" during her chiropractic session.

Karma and Reka... in step!

Gizmo & Bear

Reka: Newly Minted Master Draft Dog!

Sadie the Wonder Dog!

Jessie's galloping workout

Emmerson still going strong at 20


Jessie goes over an eventing table